Notes on a factory uprising in Yangon

Soe Lin Aung examines last month’s strike-cum-riot at a Chinese-owned H&M supplier in Myanmar, digging beyond the headlines into its local context and broader political significance.

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The Alternative Education of a Chinese Punk

Tang Shui’en, mainland left-libertarian musician and activist, recounts his path from childhood in 1980s rural Hubei to participation in Wuhan’s pioneering punk scene since the late 1990s, interaction with overseas radicals, and experimentation with independent media and an “autonomous youth center.”

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“Aristocratisation alongside enslavement”: Railway restructuring & workers’ resistance in China since the 1980s

Although the bulk of China’s railway system remains state-owned, its organisational structure, management and employment regime are essentially capitalistic. Its development has involved the “aristocratisation of management alongside the enslavement of workers” typical of modern enterprises. Train driver Li launched a series of legal actions on behalf of himself and other workers, but suffered heavy persecution. In contrast, collective direct action has been more successful.

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Song of the Locomotive Engineer — from Railroad Workers Bulletin #3

Translation & audio recording of a song from Chinese workers’ newsletter: “My biological clock has been fucked up for hella days/ My insides are totally out of whack… Labor law, you’re fucking useless… Those guys who take our wages, where are they?… They watch you on video surveillance and garnish your wages!”

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Scenarios of the Coming Crisis: A Response to Aufheben’s “The Crisis: Afterword”

Despite there being little evidence that the Chinese economy has begun to shift away from its unsustainable investment-driven model of economic growth, many analyses still cling to the belief, cultivated in the years of double-digit growth, that China will adopt the role of a global superpower and sustain global capitalist accumulation for years to come. We argue that the most likely scenarios for China’s economy are bleak, and that China will become a greater drag on global capital accumulation and social unrest will likely increase.

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Railroad Workers Bulletin — Prologue to Issue #1

“We’re not opposed to other people learning about our conditions, feelings and ideas, but our primary goal is solidarity and communication among ourselves as workers. Because the key to changing our fate is always in our own hands.”

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