The Dutch group Arbeidersstemmen (“Voices of Workers”) just published a book called Wanneer in China een vlinder met zijn vleugels klapt: stagnerende groei, toename van rellen en stakingen (“When a butterfly flaps its wings in China: stagnant growth, increasing strikes and riots), featuring translations of pieces by Chuang, poems by Xu Lizhi, and an original article by editor Fredo Corvo (English translation forthcoming). Print and electronic copies of the book may be ordered from and Kobo. Here is a translation of the table of contents with links to the original English versions:

1. “Scenarios of the Coming Crisis: A Response to Aufheben” by Chuang

2. “No Way Forward, No Way Back: China in the Era of Riots” by Chuang

3. “Wildcat Strikes at Walmart China” by Working Class Self Organisation

4. Nine poems by a Foxconn Worker Xu Lizhi (1990-2014), from the English translation by Friends of the Nao Project

5. “Guiyang’s Casualized Train Attendants Fight Back” from Railroad Workers Bulletin, based on Chuang’s English translation

6. “When a Butterfly Flaps Its Wings in China” by Fredo Corvo (excerpts from the Dutch original here)

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