The following is the latest song from the Shenzhen migrant worker band, Zhong D Yin 重D音, performed at Beijing Migrant Workers’ Home’s 打工春晚 or Migrant Worker Spring Festival Gala, along with translated lyrics. Zhong D Yin’s name literally means Heavy D Sound, but the english character D sounds like the Chinese character for low, so the name connotes the “sound of the lowly.”

跟着机器 我们在跳舞

With the machine, we are dancing,

踏着永远 不变的步伐

Beating an ever unchanging beat,

日日夜夜 我们在跳舞

Day in day out, we are a-dancing

跟着节奏 停不下脚步

With that rhythm, can’t stop our feet

我的力量很小 无法改变这冰冷的规则

My force is slight, can’t change these icy rules

一直在人群中 我却感觉一直很孤独

Always in a crowd, yet I always feel alone


A single machine suddenly changes its rhythm


In just one blink a person’s hands are gone.


Your roar is drowned by the sound of the machines


Your hot blood can’t set fire to those machines


You have already been by them slowly abandoned


Just like a broken machine


Who has your fresh blood been wiped away by?


They left not a trace

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