Donate to Chuang through our new Patreon & PayPal accounts

Donate to Chuang through our new Patreon & PayPal accounts

Update (January 17): Because some readers have expressed interest in making larger one-off donations rather than Patreon’s monthly donations, we’ve also set up a PayPal account here. (At present our PayPal account can only accept US dollars, but hopefully we will later be able to accept other currencies.) Before we can print issue 2 of the journal and a higher-quality reprint of issue 1, we still need to raise another 3,000 USD. These one-off donations will be a big help in speeding up the process as we finish producing issue 2 over the next couple months.

Several readers have contacted us asking how they can donate to help us produce new content more quickly and afford to print higher-quality copies of the journal. In response, we’ve set up a Patreon account, where you can sign up to donate small amounts of money every month until you choose to cancel your subscription.

If you just want to donate, become a “supporter” and pay $2 (USD) per month. If you’d also like to receive copies of all our printed works, become a “sustainer” and pay $5 per month.

When we print issue 2 of our journal later this year, we’ll also produce a slightly larger and higher-quality reprint of issue 1, mailing a copy of each to our sustainers. After we’ve raised enough money to cover that, any additional funds will be used to produce the first in a possible series of book translations or collections of translated texts, to be printed in addition to future issues of the journal. Sustainers will receive copies of these other printed works as well.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at chuangcn [at]

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